Viar Cross X 200 Tackle Great Routes on the island of Moyo

VIAR Cross X 200 SE back to conquer one of the great routes in eastern Indonesia, this time the land Moyo island that became a playground harga tvs apache rtr 180 bekas footing six motor unit driven by a six-rider VIAR Cruising Indonesia.

Day 27 and 28 include routes from Bima to pounds that then moves across to the island of Moyo finally crossed for a second time while heading a large Sumbawa.

Thanks to the community of Bima and Dompu Adventure Adventure, a sense of pounds that accompany us spending the night at the home harga minerva rx 150 second of the head of Kilos at once feel the sensations differ from most motorized adventure. A trip to the island of Moyo begins with crossing with small boats from Tanjung Pasir towards Calabai for half an hour. Feel the scent of the sea was clearly closer to new experience Enhancer.

The sensation did not stop the wild cows, horses, and accompany the travel team VJI while driving at the foot of the mountain especially when climbing up to heading 2. Here vehicle VIAR Cross X 200 SE rode without constraints and able to conquer the offroad single track along the route which dominates in the island of Moyo.

Satisfied are in the island of Moyo, the movement continues to go back to the great port of Sumbawa Labuan Aji (Moyo Island) to the port of Goa (Large Sumbawa) and stopping for the night in the cottage has its own area on the beach Kencana. The journey from the island of Moyo to Sumbawa themselves take up to two and a half hours. Next to the island of Lombok.
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