Application of the Mobile Guard Otocare Make Barca is the more quiet and safe

Application of the Mobile Guard Otocare Make Barca is the more quiet and safe
Idul Fitr 1427 H is already in sight. For those of you who celebrate lebaran bersama large family home, we recommend that you prepare harga yamaha nmax banjarmasin all the things required in order not to hinder the journey for mudik. Traffic jams every year always accompanies the trip go House of urban issues into its own naturally often make the trip pemudik stress and no fun.

To overcome it, you may think a prime vehicle condition and fit body will make the journey go safe. But the weather conditions and the unpredictability of the streets make you should be extra careful. Traffic congestion along tens of kilometers that drained the fuel vehicle is sure to make Your misgivings. You also then afflicted by dizziness and nausea so it must quickly buy the drug. You need it was aid that could tell where the location of the nearest GAS STATION or drugstore.

"Such assistance now you can get it easily without having to endanger yourself by leaving a car to search for information. Simply grab your phone and get various benefits and protection go in the application of Mobile Guard Otocare from Garda Oto, "explained Laurentius Iwan Pranoto as PR & Event Manager Insurance Astra.

Otocare downloadable applications via the App Store and Google's Play is not only presents information important public location closest to you, such as hospitals, GAS STATIONS, and drugstores, but also serve as a reminder due date SIM, VEHICLE REGISTRATION and insurance policy. In Otocare, you will also be reminded when to perform servicing intervals. This is very useful given the car must be in good shape before far trip used. In addition, it features ' Fuel Monitor ' in Otocare allows you to calculate the daily cost is spent to buy fuel. For the Garda Oto, car accident happened during mudik can report claims through feature ' Garda Oto Claim '.

Welcome the season mudik lebaran this time, preferentially Garda Oto provide additional benefits in the form of e-GOXC (Garda Oto eXperience Card) for you to download Otocare from June 1 July 31, 2015. With e-GOXC, you will get emergency assistance on the highway, such as running out of gasoline, broke down, and the key is left in the car.

Everything you need to ensure your safety and comfort during the forth can now be obtained easily. Simply take a mobile phone out of your pocket and open the app Otocare, a trip no matter now feels increasingly go quiet. If you have a lot of questions surrounding the Otocare and Garda Oto, just hit the ' Call Garda feature Access 1 500 112 ' in Your Otocare. Happy Eid Ul-Fitr. by
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